Complaints & Grievances Policy

What is a complaint/grievance?

A complaint/grievance can be about anything done (or not done) by a Coach, a Player, an Official or a Committee Member which affects someone unfairly or unjustly.

It can be about discrimination, harassment or any other related decision or behaviour which a person thinks are unfair, unjust or upsetting.

Making a complaint

A complaint/grievance can be made by any person (player or parent) and must be in writing on the appropriate Record of Complaint form. These forms can be obtained from a Blue Jays Committee Member or from the Office of Jimboomba Netball Association.

All complaints should be submitted by email to the Club Secretary – If email is not available, the completed form should be handed to a Blue Jays Netball Club Committee member when available.

The Secretary will record the complaint made on the Complaint/Grievance Register, ensuring sufficient details are entered to ensure subsequent follow up.

Dealing with a complaint

Any complaints/grievances made must be supported by valid evidence and this evidence will be included with other information supplied by the aggrieved person.

All complaints dealing with players and netball issues will be raised with the Club President to determine whether the complaint/grievance is urgent or non-urgent.

Non-Urgent complaints

If the complaint/grievance is determined to be non-urgent, it will be placed on the Agenda and discussed and actioned at the next Blue Jays Netball Club Committee Meeting.

Urgent complaints

If the complaint/grievance is determined to be urgent, it will be actioned immediately by (minimum) two Committee members, who will meet to gather the facts regarding the complaint.

  • individual discussions with parties concerned
  • discussions with witnesses
  • review of decisions
  • reference to the relevant codes of conduct; and
  • to agree on recommendations.

Once the complaint/grievance has been investigated, the President (or nominated Committee member) should provide a report to the other members of the Committee for consideration. 

Once a unanimous agreement of a recommendation for resolution has been reached, a reply will be sent to the aggrieved person, outlining the investigation outcomes and provide formal advice with regard to how the matter will be finalised.

Vexatious grievance/complaint

Whilst the majority of complaints/grievances are motivated by genuine concern about perceived inappropriate or unfair behaviour or actions, on some occasions a complaint/grievance may be vexatious or malicious.  If a complaint/grievance is investigated and found to be vexatious or malicious, then action may result.


All complaints/grievances will remain confidential during this process although any person subject to the complaint/grievance is entitled to be informed of the details.

Whilst the complaint/grievance process is being followed, member obligations must continue as it was immediately prior to the complaint/grievance being lodged.

Any person raising the complaint/grievance will not be treated unfairly or victimised as a result.

If a complaint/grievance is made against a Committee Member or Coach, the individual will not be pre-judged and will have the opportunity to respond and have a support person present, if required.