Uniforms/Dress Code

The Blue Jays Netball Club blue and white dress and white socks are to be worn to all games. Underneath should be worn black bike pants or shorts.  These must not be visible under the hem line of the dress.

Soft Blue Jays Visors may be worn, but are not compulsory. No other headgear is permitted during games.

Players are encouraged to adopt the Sun Smart Policy and apply sunscreen.

No jewellery including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, watches or rings are to be worn during games. We recommend that any new piercings should only be done outside of netball season and please leave enough time before the season starts for new piercings to settle and earrings to be removed.

Nails need to be cut short and will be checked by the Umpire prior to the start of play. If any older players have false nails then netball gloves should be worn.

We recommend that suitable netball trainers be worn, especially by players using the hard courts, to protect and support their feet during games.