Umpiring Policy

Positive sporting experiences are underpinned by the extent to which players, coaches, administrators and umpires demonstrate mutual respect in their interactions, based on the following principles of umpiring:

  • Netball umpires play an essential role in the functioning of the sport;
  • The knowledge, competence and performance of umpires must be at a level commensurate with the standard of competition;
  • Sound theoretical understanding of rules, continual practical experience and accredited assessment are the fundamentals of good umpiring performance;
  • An environment that supports the roles of umpires will contribute to improved umpire performance; and
  • The interrelationships between players, coaches, administrators and umpires directly affects the quality of sporting experience.


The aim of this policy is to ensure that our umpires, players, teams and parents understand the expectations of a Blue Jays Netball Club umpire. The policy also demonstrates how the Club intends to support its umpires throughout the season.

This document has been formed in accordance with and subject to current Blue Jays Netball Club and Jimboomba Netball Association (JNA) By-Laws.


  1. To be eligible to umpire all umpires must first read Rules of Netball and sit the online Rules of Netball Theory Exam achieving the minimum passing score of 70%. Then umpires will be eligible to attend the Beginners Umpire Course run by Jimboomba Netball Association on Saturday mornings prior to games during the season. A copy of the theory exam certificate should be provided to the Umpire Convener by email before the commencement of training. A link to the theory exam can be found at
  2. If possible, beginner umpires will have a mentor with them for the season. Mentors are umpires with at least one-year umpiring experience and are there to provide technical support and guidance. Mentors will be rotated during the season at the discretion of the Umpire convenor.
  3. Every effort will be made by the Umpire convenor to place all umpires on a suitable game, however there is no guarantee that this will be possible, even if the umpire has completed the preliminary requirements.
  4. All umpires under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at every game. If the parent is unable to be at the game, then they need to arrange for a suitable replacement and advise the Umpire Convenor accordingly.
  5. All umpires must be in all white or wearing a white shirt or jumper over Club uniform. Umpires are encouraged to wear white where possible. A Jimboomba Netball Association umpiring shirt is available for purchase at the club house (optional).
  6. If an umpire cannot make a match, they need to advise the Umpire Convenor by text message as soon as possible. Any umpire who fails to notify the Convenor that they are unable to umpire at least 3 hours prior to the allocated game may not be permitted to continue umpiring, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  7. Umpires are required to sign on at the JNA control window at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their allocated game. If an umpire fails to sign on, the team that has not supplied an umpire may be required to forfeit the game, it is therefore imperative that umpires are at the game at least 15 minutes prior or have notified the Umpire convenor who will find a replacement.
  8. Blue Jays umpires are considered volunteers. However, the Club makes a small payment to umpires based on relevant qualifications, experience and performance of umpires in consultation with JNA. Accordingly, all umpires are expected to meet minimum expectations as set out in 1.
  9. Games for semi-finals, finals and grand finals will be umpired by experienced umpires selected by JNA.
  10. Umpiring rates for the following season will be reviewed and approved annually by the Club’s Committee at the club’s AGM.
  11. All umpires must be a registered member of Netball Queensland. Blue Jays Netball Club will pay the registration fee for any non-playing umpires.
  12. In addition to Netball Queensland’s General Code of Behaviour, you must meet the Netball Queensland’s Umpire Code of Conduct. Please view the current code under the ‘Policies and Procedures’ tab on the Blue Jays website.
  13. The final decision for umpiring matters rests with the Blue Jays Umpire Convener in consultation with the JNA Umpire Convener.


All umpires are required to register even if they are already registered as players. There will be no additional cost payable. Please refer to the ‘How to Register’ guidelines under the Player tab on the Blue Jays website.

Game day scheduling of umpires

Umpire scheduling is a complex interplay of player game commitments, the matching of adequately accredited and experienced umpires to game scenarios, as well as a fair and equitable rotation of opportunities amongst umpires. Consequently, it is difficult to guarantee minimum games per week for umpires.

All efforts will be made to ensure umpires have enough game time and are supported to move through their badging.

Rostering of umpires will aim to balance:

  • Expectations of coaches that umpires who also play will be available for adequate warm-ups 30 minutes before game times;
  • Preference by players that umpiring duties will occur immediately before or after playing commitments so that all day is not spent at the netball courts; and
  • Commitments by Blue Jays to supply adequately qualified and experienced umpires for certain timeslots throughout the day.
  • New umpires will undertake some preliminary training and development activities before being rostered on Saturday games.
  • Umpires need to be rostered on games that suit their level, and inexperienced Umpires will if possible, have an Umpire Mentor for the first few weeks of their umpiring.

Umpire Preparation and Development

At minimum, umpires should:

  • Purchase or download a copy of the most up-to-date Netball Australia Rules book, study the book and be familiar with the Rules of Netball;
  • Demonstrate their theoretical knowledge of the game of netball by having submitted the minimum theory pass for their accreditation level in the Netball Australia Theory Examination;
  • Whilst the exam result is valid for four years it is important to demonstrate an up-to-date theoretical knowledge and understanding of the game. Blue Jays would recommend therefore that umpires complete the Theory exam at least once every 12 months, preferably prior to the commencement of each JNA season;
  • Purchase a good quality netball umpire whistle (available at the JNA club house);
  • Participate in relevant theoretical and/or practical workshops conducted by JNA. This includes attendance at Intro to Umpiring workshops, Level 1 workshops and all other relevant development opportunities;
  • Participate in opportunities where umpire coaching is made available; this includes umpiring at JNA representative trial games and carnivals.

Netball Australia’s National Umpire Accreditation Framework

Netball Australia’s (NAs) National Umpire Accreditation Framework is an educational pathway based on a staged accreditation system (theoretical and practical) – for more information go to