Scoring Protocol

  • Before the start of play ensure all players have signed the card.
  • One scorer from each team shall stand together on the sideline in the middle of the court.

  • During the match, record goals scored for each team as they occur as well as any unsuccessful shots. Successful goals are recorded as a stoke and missed goals are recorded as a dot. Tally the scores at the end of each quarter.
  • Keep a record of the centre pass taken by each team.
  • DO NOT call out while scoring (this includes cheering).
  • Notify the umpires if an incorrect centre pass is indicated prior to the whistle being blown for the centre pass. No action will be taken if the centre pass has already been taken.
  • At the end of the match scorers, umpires, and captains sign the scorecard.
  • The winning team should return the scorecard to JNA admin window.