Fair Play Vouchers

Kids need to be active. Joining a sport or active recreation club can be great for them, but sometimes the costs can get in the way.

For families genuinely needing some help with club fees, there are ‘Fair Play Vouchers’ available each year in January and July.

You can apply for a voucher if you have a Centrelink Health Care Card or Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or if you receive a link to a voucher from a registered referral agent.

Queensland children aged 5 to 17 (inclusive) are eligible for one voucher per calendar year and can be used at registered clubs.

The voucher covers the first $150 of membership or participation fees. Check if your club has other costs you’ll need to cover, like uniforms or equipment, as you’ll need to know you can afford them.

To apply you’ll need a computer with internet access (tablets and phones don’t always work) and have created an account.

Be ready to apply as soon as the round opens by creating an account at any time.

For information follow the link below


You can present the voucher to your club when you’re signing up, either printed out or by emailing it. Make sure this is before the expiry date! If you lose the voucher or the email just log back in to your account to get another copy.

Once you have given it to the club it’s up to them to redeem it.

If you need help, visit our FAQ page. There are answers to most questions there, plus fact sheets and instructions and if you’re still needing help, email or call 13 74 68.

Good luck and have fun!